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Re: [MOL] John, Diana and Lillian.

Dear Carla,

Those shorts...did they have the monogram "WC" followed by the 
Presidential Seal on them???  As a matter of fact both my work and 
professional societies take me to DC several time a year...well they did 
before the cancer hit.  These days, I stay pretty close to home.  I do 
like Washington...with all the great resterants, theater, meusems, and 
things to see.  I hope to get there again in November of this year.

Was that you I saw in the piano bar, drapped in basic black with white 
pearls and sprawled atop the piano???...great cigatette holder!

God Bless.
ken naehring wrote:
> I just had to tag on to this message...  First of all John, in D.C. the guy
> willingly gave up his boxer shorts.. and probably hugged them and bought
> them a round of drinks, since thats all they wanted!!
> Vas you ever in Vashington D.C. dahhling???
> Love you all, Carla
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> To: <>
> Date: Wednesday, May 20, 1998 3:31 PM
> Subject: Re: [MOL] Re: My Friend, My Friend, I don't need enemies....
> >Hay Diana and Lillian...your not the guy that willingly
> >gave up his shorts...that's a whole nother level of STRANGE!!!LOL...and
> >you women accuse men of being children...I havn't been on a panty raid
> >since college!  Does that mean I'm depraived or deprived?
> >Love Ya!
> >John
> >
> >
> >LINHILLIS wrote:
> >>
> >> Dear Lillian
> >>
> >> Thanks a lot for the post.  You never answer my questions. Did you get
> >> any sleep last night.?????
> >> The scavenger hunt was for her best friends bachlorette (sp) party in
> >> DC last weekend. They were sent on scavenger hunt to get a pair of
> >> mens boxer shorts from a stranger (man I assume).  Anyway they
> >> get this guy to go in the bathroom and give them his boxer shorts.
> >> I said "YUK, I wouldn't have touched them"  she said we gave him
> >> a bag to put them in.  Anyway I ROTF
> >> I guess I must have a very strange sense of humor.  I know I'm JUST
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