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[MOL] from Katiesgma

You don't ask too many questions--I just forget what I've already said and to
whom so my E-mails are a hodge podge of info.

I go into the hospital May 26th and have surgery the 27th.  The doctor
explained that he will have to crack one rib (maybe two depending on my
anatomy).   I understand that the broken rib is what makes the surgery so
painful.  I remember you saying your surgeon used a procedure which didn't
involve breaking a rib.  I thought about checking that out, but, I really like
my surgeon.  I believe he will use good  judgment when it comes to how much of
my lung to remove and that has been more of a concern to me than the procedure

No, I am not calm about the surgery.  I am resigned though.  And, I am anxious
to get it over with so I can start my path to recovery.  Prayer has helped me
a lot.  There is nothing I can do but to ask God for strength to get through
it.  I also pray that He will guide my surgeon's hands.  

God bless you.  Sue  


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