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[MOL] Eight Essential Daily goals to WEllness

One of the guidelines that I espouse or speak on at the support group I

facilitate is on those beliefs outlined by Greg Anderson founder of

Cancer Conqueors, the support group I now facilitate. If you picture a

wheel or circle and cut them into equal portions of a say pie, and place

in each piece these words or beliefs and basicaaly there are eight.

DAILY GOALS: suggestion live by these guidelines for the next thirty


MEDICAL TREATMENT-Follow the program that has been established with your

medical team once you have initially approved from research.

BELIEFS AND ATTITUDES-Nurture the belief that medical treatment is your

"friend", here to help you get well. Believe there is much you can do to

help in your own healing.

EXERCISE-With your doctors approval, exercise at ability-appropriate

consistent levels, just until you feel an increase in energy.

PURPOSE/PLAY-Know your life purpose and resolve to follow. Its always

found in service to another. And treat yourself to an hour of daily

play, a time of joyful celebration.

SOCIAL SUPPORT-Nurture relationships with those closest and dearest to

you. Compliment. Encourage. Say "I love you".

DIET AND NUTRITION-Eat fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, and

drink pure water.  Limit your consumption of meats. (you know how I feel

about meats, beef, chicken and pork) Supplement with viatamins and


CREATIVE THINKING-Repeat often a favorite inspirational pharase, a verse

of scripture, or a line of poetry. Invest time in morning and evening


SPIRITUALITY-Remember that peace, Gods peace, is your goal. Be still.

Express your gratitude. Listen. Respond to the guidance you recieve.

I hope this will benefit and will be part of your daily routine to your

wellness program.

God Bless

marty auslander
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