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Re: [MOL] Marty

Dear Betty,

I don't feel that you are going against the doctor or what the  doctor
says.  Many times they will encourage you to seek other opinions. You
never know until you ask as you had. They are there to support you.

Yes, in the case of clinical trials, I certainly would want to know what
the results and benefits are. Your inner wisdom needs to know certain
facts and statistics in order to make a decision that you will know that
is factually beneficial and correct and comfortable.

Sorry, physicist or engineer? Thank you, you have overestimated my
educational and knowledge. I am flattered. Barb and I were real estate
appraisers for 20 years. Grew up in the business world, then at the age
of 53 became the oldest to graduate in a police academy in California
and became a part time police officer at night to whet my macho
appetite. I loved both worlds of business and police work. When Barb was
diagnosed, in 1994, everything stopped and at that point I was
determined to be the greatest oncologist/biologist/radiologist/every
ologist in order to help save my Barbaras life. AS it turned out, I know
that if I had to do life again, I would be an oncologist, someone like
Dr Bernie Siegel. He is a hero to me as is every survivor and great
physician who cares.

Betty, thank you for that kind message about my profession. Actually our
profession of real estate appraising was very rewarding, but very very
stressful.  YOu are in the same ballpark with your guess as is the Los
Angeles Dodgers standings....last place...LOL and kidding with you.
Thank you so much for your message.

God Bless
your friend

betty kula wrote:
> It is difficult to go against some one that
> has been of great help to you. MY opinion of his skills has not changed.
> My status has and I agree with you that everyone has their own agenda.
> It does not seem right that people have to
> find their own treatments.  I have been able to muddle through mainly
> because
> of the wealth of info I have read on MOL.
> Is there any way to get info on the sucess of a trial? Should you ask
> about it before
> you enter?
> After Lillian mentioned her previous job,
> for fun I started guessing what profession people were in.  Think you
> might be a physicist or an engineer. Did I even get in the ballpark?
> Must hit the old sack-a-roo.
> Peace
> Betty
> have a good day
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