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Re: [MOL] Hi friends..

Dear Carla

And to you dear well, stay well and we love you.

God Bless
your devoted friends,
marty and Barb

ken naehring wrote:
> I just wanted to say hello to you all.  Another busy day and boy did
> we get around.  Our daughter, Greg and granddaughter Alexis came up
> for the day and then we had to meet another part of the family for
> dinner that came in from Phoenix and there were 19 of we just
> ate and ran the day and then ate and ran the night.  I did get Ken to
> Borders and Books and bought some new reading material.  I've been out
> of the type of reading that keeps me positively focused..  I
> overbought a little and I don't think Ken enjoyed it at all... but I
> did!
> Well, I need to go to bed so I can get up for church...  I am not a
> late Saturday nighter anymore...  God Bless you my friends and hugs
> and love, Carla
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