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Re: [MOL] checkup

Dearest Sally,

I knew in my heart, I knew in my stomach and mind, that with yours and
Charlies attitude, determination, love for each other, support from so
many, all the prayers, so much more and the ability to keep all doors
open, I knew that those blessings would be there for you. Keep up the
good work as we, your support team, will continue to pray and provide
you both with information, when we can, to support the both of you to
that final goal......complete wellness and cancer free. From my lips to
Gods ears.

God Bless YOu Both
your friend

Charlie T wrote:
> We went to MDA today to see the radiologist and he liked what he saw
> and felt.  His opinion was, "Looks like we got it".
> So there you go 3 different doctors and three opinions.
> I'm sticking with what we heard today!!
> When Charlie complained of the long recovery process, they said that
> healing for this protocol is about 3-4 weeks for every week of
> that's 21ish weeks.  Not really what we wanted to hear,
> but then again, nothing beats "Looks like we got it"!!!
> Love to all,
> Sally
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