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[MOL] Another sales lady story

Carla, your Penny sales lady with an attitude reminds me of a weird
series of events which which happened to me in Macy's Herald Square
store many, many years ago.

I had decided to give my nephew a pogo stick (remember them?) for his
birthday and headed for Macy's huge toy department.  It was spring and
the entrance to the department was decorated with trellises which held
all sorts of colorful flowers and charming little birds.  I noticed that
one of the birds had fallen to the floor.  I bent down to pick it
up...and it flew away!

On into the department.  Eventually I found the pogo sticks but no
saleslady so, taking a pogo stick in hand, I set out to find on.
Suddenly, a little old lady rushed up to me and said breathlessly
"You'll love your pogo stick.  I use mine every day!"

As I stood there with a bemused expression on my face, a young sales
girl walked by and I asked her to help me.  She took one look at me,
burst into tears and ran off sobbing loudly.

A supervisor finally sold me the pogo stick and apologized for the
hysterical sales girl.  Her boy friend had been knifed to death the
night before.


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