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Re: [MOL] Betty

So very true! When I was going through all the surgeries and chemo, I
used to joke that the whole thing was like a birthing process, only the
bald little baby getting born was ME. It means a lot to me to have found
this little community that knows the hell of cancer, but also the
remarkable gifts. Cancer is real refiner's fire...
love, Joicy
> I believe that is the beauty of cancer.  We had walked through this world
> pretty sure who we were and what our worth was; etc., then bingo cancer hits
> and after all the emotional aspects comes out a whole new person (if you
> allow them too) and this new person truly has a handle on what the
> priorities are, accepts themselves as they are, laughs at their misgiving,
> knows the true meaning of beauty and has a profound wisdom.  It's as tho we
> go to a higher plane.  Now does this mean we have become delusion?????
> JOKING, JOKING; but girlfriend with a great attitude like yours your a
> winner in this race of life.  Your friend, Lillian
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> Date: Monday, May 18, 1998 10:50 PM
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> I think you should get flowers on secretary day. You do good work.  In
> my other life before cancer I was a very organized person. You have seen
> the kind that goes to the pta meeting one week and is running it the
> next. Also I used to be so compulsive I thought somebody would die if
> you didn't sweep under the bed every day.  One of my friends used to say
> " Lets go over to Betty's and eat out of the toilet"
> Cancer has taught me to enjoy life and to appreciate the things that are
> important.
> You can teach an old dog new tricks.
> Betty
> have a good day
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