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Re: [MOL] CT scan/Sally

My prayers go with you two....  Please post as soon as you get home....  Love, Carla
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Date: Monday, May 04, 1998 10:48 AM
Subject: [MOL] CT scan

Charlie is still seeing double.  We had an awful night due to the mucosis.  Even the humidifier did not seem to help last night.  He has consented to the eye patch, as it corrects the problem. 
We have bloodwork at noon and the CT scan if liver function looks OK at 2:30.  Dr. Khuri is not in today, but the nurse suggested I call him or stop by upstairs after the test.  Don't know if he can tell me anything,  but I did extract the promise that if it came back, he'd tell us what it says.  When Charlie wakes up he may decide he wants to wait and hear it from Dr.Khuri instead of a nurse.  If we learn anything I will post later today.
Sally Tilson