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Re: [MOL] Sally,You are having a long night....

Oh, Carla, pal-o-mine,
I just knew I would hear from you tonight.  @#$%, just when I had some nice things in my mind to say to you, I hear my beloved stirring, and I need to go see what's up.  If nothing else, I will continue this personally to you tomorrow....such a nice letter needs a commensurate response
much love,,
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Subject: [MOL] Sally,You are having a long night....

Sally,  oh how I wish that I could give you that big hug, a good ear to listen to your feelings and the reassurance that you need right now.  Of course you are afraid when your husband is struggling.  I have come to learn so much of what love for a married couple should be from meeting Marty and Barb and you and Charlie.  So I can feel that when your soulmate is hurting, it is hurting your soul.
Do you have a good book to curl up with, or a good meditation to totally get lost in?  Sally, I have asked some Christian friends and relatives of mine to pray for Charlie and Lillian tonight....and I know they are good prayer warriors and will...  Know too, that I will be praying for you that God will show you how to get the sleep that you need to refresh your mind and your body, so that tomorrow will be easier for you to get through...  I was looking at a book of Helen Steiner Rice and I thought I would send this to you...  God Bless you and I love you friend....  I will be praying for Charlie and for you tonight of course and tomorrow....  Love, Carla
To Honor and to Cherish, by Helen Steiner Rice
What is a Marriage?
Marriage is the union
    of two people in love,
And love is sheer magic,
    for it's woven of
Gossamer dreams,
    enchantingly real,
That people in love
    are privileged to feel----
But the "exquisite ecstasy"
    that captures the heart
Of two people in love
    is just a small part
Of the beauty and wonder
    and miracle of
The growth and fulfillment
    and evolvement of love---
For only long years
    of living together
And sharing and caring
    in all kinds of weather
Both pleasure and pain,
    the glad and the sad,
Teardrops and laughter,
    the good and the bad,
Can add new dimensions
    and lift love above
The rapturous ecstasies
    of "falling in love"---
For ecstasy passes
    but it is replaced
By something much greater
    That cannot be defaced,
For what was"in part"
    has now "become whole"---
For on the "wings of the flesh,"
    love entered the "soul"!
Sleep now my friend and count your blessings...   Tonight you can rejoice for all the wonderful things that have been given to you and thank God for those.  He will not abandon you, He is there.