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[MOL] Marty... the cancer kickoff/park forward...

This is the forward that I said I would send...  I heard that NCI is going
to put 3 million dollars into the research of endostatin/angiostatin.  I
respect Mr. Bloch giving so selflessly to the cancer march and praise God
that he is... I just struggle a little when I total 30 million dollars in
parks verses 3 million to research, but I am not the one who has the
answers....  Carla

Fw:      San Diego Kickoff of The March
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Date: Tuesday, May 05, 1998 11:21 PM
Subject: San Diego Kickoff of The March

>Last weekend, The March was begun in San Diego with a "Cancer Survivorship:
>San Diego" symposium.  It featured Richard and Annette Bloch as the keynote
>speakers.  Richard, of H. and R. Bloch fame, is a lung cancer survivor.  A
>panel discussion and breakout sessions covered topics from pediatric cancer
>to pain control, from political action to psychological challenges.  Dani
>Grady announced her cross country bicycle ride from San Diego to DC to
>publicize The March.  She will start in mid-July and stop in communities
>along the way to bring The March to their attention.  Anyone wishing to
>join her or find out if she will come thru your town can contact March HQ
>in DC or send me a message and we'll get you in touch with her. After a box
>lunch, there was a dedication ceremony for the Bloch Cancer Survivorship
>Park.  Mr Bloch has generously donated $1.5 million for development and
>maintenance of the park.  He is establishing 20 of these throughout the US.
> I was pleased to be a park of the program.  I offer my congratulations to
>Nicki Hobson and all the people who helped make it a great program.  The
>March is off to a great start in San Diego.
>Jim B.
>James W. Berkovec, Ph.D.
>California Senior Assemblyman
>National Association of Cancer Patients

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