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[MOL] Had to Scratch My Head ABout this and wonder

The Flying Finger of Foolery statement goes to: A doctor who seems to be

more synical and insensitive rather than skeptical. Read this in the

paper today and I had to stop and reread. I wonder if you got the same

impression. This is a  doctor who has responded to the news about the

new cancer drugs Endostatin and Angiostatin. I wonder.....

"I am real skeptical that Dr. Folkman will be curing patients with these

drugs, "said Dr. Mark Ratain of the University of Chicago, " it would be

wonderful if that happens. Oncologists will be looking for jobs if its

that simple".  (Orange county register, 4/11/98)

Am I wrong or did that come from someone who is just insensitive and is

concerned more about a Doctors job or the life of human beings. I hope I

am wrong here. 

God Bless

marty auslander
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