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[MOL] Advancement in Breast Cancer Treatment

Another positive message of Progress in cancer treatments.  I am

encouraged to start seeing these many new treatments for the best

interests of those so many who have been either in therapy, cancer free

and those who are concerned about being a recipient of this disease.

HOpe this brightens your day as it did mine.

God Bless

marty auslander


	The first biological treatment for breast cancer came a step closer to
reality MOnday when developer Genentech, Inc. submitted data on
Herceptin to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and asked for

clearance to sell it.

	More then 600 women took part in the study, including some whose breast
cancer had spread and who had not responded to conventional

chemtherapies but showed positive results during clinical trials of the

new treatment.

	Tested under the name HER2/NEU, Herceptin, is on a fast track for
action by the FDA and could get approval within six months.

"This is a very promising new advance that will benefit some woemn with

advanced breast cancer, " said Dr. Charles Vogel, a breast cancer

specialist who conducted the South Florida study.

Orange County Register dtd 4/11/98
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