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[MOL] Information about the manufacturer of Endostatin/Angiostatin

Just a bit of information about the manufacturers of

Endostatin/Angiostatin and some things to ponder.  I hope you are all

having a great day.

Take care and God Bless

marty auslander


	The stock of a company developing a new cancer treatment leaped 

$12.00 per share to $85.00 per share at one point Monday, even while

doctors cautioned against getting too excited over something that has

been tested only on mice.

	The article and the resulting publicity had a stunning effect on the
stock of Entremed, Inc, the Rockville, MD company founded to develop

angiodstatin and endostatin. 

Among some of the questions to be answered:

# Can angiostatin and endostatin, which are normal proteins, be

duplicated through gene splicing?  Scientists say these are large

proteins and so are technically difficult to make. The company hopes to

have enough for human testing in 12 to 18 months.

#Will humans be able to tolerate them? Interleuken-2, which mice cold

stand in large doses, turned tou to be toxic in peopl and has to be used

sparingly. Although this is not the typical chemotherapy.

# Will the drugs have side effects that make them hazardous when given

for many years, as some envision them being used?

# What happens to the bodys ability to heal wounds? Presumably, anything

that stops new blood vessel growth would also block this vital process.

	On a positive Side:  Several others drugs aimed at blocking blood
vessels have already entered early stages of human testing, and

researchers said that perhaps 50 in all are in various stages of


Orange County Register dtd 4/11/98
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