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Dear Lil,

Thank you for that message, we have been on pins and needles awaiting
that news. Thank you dear lady....I'll bet it would be great for you now
just to take a few days off and go celebrate.....go away from any
reminder and stress you have been in or under as a result of this
waiting and anxiety. Find joy in the things that give you comfort and
relaxation and then join us once again. YOu deserve the rest.  Oooops I
see the message you sent to Mother Diana..Now I'll probably be called
Father Marty,  or Rabbi Marty, LOL.

Take care dear lady and rest easy, we love you and the news is
exceptional and good.

God Bless

firefly wrote:
> 1.  The neurologist thought I have a sleep disorder..  I think I could have
> told him that;but the end of May I get to go to sleep with gadgets attached
> and monitors watching me sleep.  They will also be checking my oxygen levels
> to my brain.
> 2.  Definitely small strokes and quite a few of them,very deep with in the
> center of the brain.  Said I am a prime candidate for a stroke; however with
> the medication he feels we can control it for quite sometime.
> 3.Pet Scan showed NO CANCER !  The tumor on the right temporal is not
> Milignant and he feels that it should just be monitored; but at this point
> we did not have to do anything. Allot of inside scarred tissue from the
> mastectomy and staples in the back wing area, he thought the surgeon was
> sloppy.
> 4.  There are some neurological problems, balance, memory; etc.; but they
> usually put people on Tomoxifin to help the nerve endings.  Guess who's not
> going on tomoxifin?
> The good news just about plumb wore me out, I was so hyped up hearing all of
> the good news.  I was very pleased with Emory and everyone I came in contact
> with there.  I felt as tho I was definitely in capable hands.  I also feel
> that the love, support and yes all those prayers from MOL played a very
> large roll in my good news and I want to thank each and everyone one of you.
> And yes Mother Diana, I had my MRI's, case history, all films, all blood
> work with me, gosh that was heavy to carry!  Thank you again dear friends.
> Love Lillian
> Your friend Lillian
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