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[MOL] Seeking for medical treatment

Xu Zheng,boy,7 years old,born in January, 1991
   In March,1997 Xu Zheng was checked to find out a tumor with a size of
6*6.9*7.1cm at the longitudinal diaphragm of the thoracic cavity right
back ,which was suspected to be a "nervous maternal cellular tumor". The
first cure was the chemotherapy once every week for 4 weeks. In
April,1997 the tumor was checked to be a size of about 4*3*1.5cm and
then an surgical operation was performed to cut off the tumor. The
result of cut section was the same as the first visit. After operation
there was no radiotherapy. The chemotherapy has been performed in cycles
with two prescription of "VCR+CT+ADM+THP" and "Cisplation+Vp16-213+Intro
alfa",each prescription for three months. In April 1998 during
examination numbers of tumors were discovered again on the right
thoracic diaphragm(below the original disease). On April 28 the
radiotherapy was started (20 times of radiotherapy in plan). Now I,a
pity and sad mother, am consulting whether the former cure is proper or
not and seeking for a further better cure solution to save my only boy.
Thanks a lot.
                                                 Lu Qing,Mother of Xu
                                                 May 7,1998
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