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[MOL] Sally and Charlie

Dear Sally,
Ifosfomide is one of the "big guns" used to treat tumors of the head,
usually in combination with other chemicals.  It is considered very
agressive.  I have just gone through 3 months of taking Ifosfomide with
Andromycin and Mesna, administered for 5 days per month, via a Hickman
catheter. The results after three months:  there has been no growth of
the tumor since January! And this was a tumor that has been resected
twice, radiated, and had recurred in January after being removed
surgically in December.  And I have every expectation that during the
next course of chemo, it will start to shrink (this is my visualization
and prayers kicking in, not my doctor's assurance). 
I hate to relate this, but I was very ill for the first 20-21 days of
each course of treatment -- not nauseous because I got an IV drip of
anti-nausea medicine every day -- but felt like I had the world's worst
case of the flu.  Slept a lot because to be awake was to be miserable. I
wish you two did not have to go through with this, but if this is what
is necessary, I'm sure you will have the strength and the tenacity to
get through it.
One tip that really helped me:  I felt better when I ate three times a
day.  When I absolutely refused to eat, I felt a lot worse.  Then, when
my husband figured it out, and forced me to eat or drink something
nourishing, my body did respond and I felt better for hours.  Also, the
chemo nurses gave me a liter of hydration fluid via IV every day, as I
simply could not drink the 8 to 10 glasses of water necessary every day,
and the hydration fluid helped, also.
Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with both you and Charlie
and I hope that Charlie will go through the treatment with the least
amount of discomfort.

Nonie Waller
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