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Re: [MOL] Marty... the cancer kickoff/park forward...

Dear Carla

Your post re Mr Bloch is sad.  Maybe he had rather have his name
on all those parks.  That was mean, but if he could give 30 million
to speed up this research on Endostatin / Angiostatin, maybe they
could rename it to Bloch treatment. 
Maybe you can find his email address and suggest this to him.
I'm really worried about things like Marty posted about the fear
of these ONC's if there is a cure, will they want it out there.
I'm sure some ONC's would, but I'm also sure some would not.
How scary..
Are we all weird or are we just looking at the world with open eyes?
You can answer that anytime you have a few extra hours.  LOL
Take care
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