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[MOL] Shark Cartilege info

Dear Diana,

I too have called several places. The only place I havent called for

you, is the Clearing HOuse for the Alternative Medicine and the

Livingston Foundation. Both are alternative headquarters and they may

able to direct me to the liquid shark cartilege information you seek. I

will get that info and let you.

I was encouraged to find that their has been great strides into the

successes of research about liquid shark cartilege. Its another means

that is causing positive energy and emotions to seeing cures and

controls in the near future. I am so glad all this testing and clinical

trials are being conducted. Much hope.

God Bless




> Dear Marty


> Thanks for the information.  We will have to PUSH for faster start for

> the testing.

> What did you think about the post I forwarded about another product

> that sounds sorta similar to endostatin/angiostatin.

> I called NCI about the Liquid Shark Cartilege, they didn't have any

> info, I call MD Anderson and they said that was a mistake about

> them being involved in the trials.  There is one hospital in NY that

> may be in trials.  I need to contact the phar company that the

> post came from for more information.

> I need to just make some calls and see what I can find out.

> Thanks again

> Take Care

> God Bless

> Diana

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