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Re: [MOL] Joan..

It is sort of neat to be able to have George go to a doctor and come with something totally unrelated to cancer. First, when his white blood count comes back up he can have the offending tooth pulled and a partial built, that should help him a lot as he likes to eat, that is one of our biggest blessings right now. Second, the ENT told him that he has TMJ and when the cancer doctor says he can, to take anti-inflammatories, also that he has arthritis in his jaw. A swollen gland indicates some leftover infection from the tooth he had pulled this last summer and had pieces of bonework out of his jaw. He took so many antibiotics for this that he got thrush, really a bad siege of it, and that is now pretty well cleared up. So, we felt we had a very successful day. What can you do about aromas that bother him? Does anyone else have this same problem?  Oh yes, the doc cauterized his nose that was bleeding and raw. That should help too. Today we feel like there's a whole lot of people out there who need help more than we do. You are all a very brave bunch of people out there. Joan
 I wanted you to know that I will be praying for George...what did the dentist and the new ENT say today?  Please keep us posted and know that we are here for you.. God Bless you , Carla