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Re: [MOL] Michaels Daughter - Reply

Dear Michael,

So, you have two boys and one girl and it seems they are the joy of your
life.....In time they become the focus of a purpose for living....the
blessing derived from that nucleus of joy and blessing will also in time
become your therapy for good it will become their blessing
to provide good health since all of you will journeying this road to

There is a great member of this discussion group, John Lehner, who has 4
wonderful daughters...and they are the joy of his life. He, as well, is
traveling a similar journey as you and the many others here. His therapy
is the joy that finds when he comes home from work each day to greet him
when they say "Daddy".  His face lights up, his heart bursts and his
purpose in his family and to see them some day become parents
as well......not right away....I think he told me he won't let his girls
have a boyfriend until they were 30 years old or so, LOL.

I will e-mail you some guidelines that I speak at the seminars and hope
these guidelines will be some information and food for thought in your
plans, daily and long term for recovery and maintenance of good health.

God Bless and our very best to your wonderful family.
Your friend
marty auslander

Michael Donlin wrote:
> Marty,
> Me again.  Obviously I'm not working yet!
> My kids are true gifts and real miracles.  Each one of them was
> an unexpected, almost impossible bonus inour lives.
> They are beautiful, smart, talented, warm, loving, fine people.
> I used to tell my oldest boy when he was little that I I were a
> little kid, I'd want him for my best friend. (I now tell that to
> our youngest - age 4.)
> I tell people that Noe is one of the nicest people I know. I
> also tell her that she is absolutely gorgeous (she is drop dead
> beautiful at 14), but to not let it go to her head!!!)
> Thanks for your help.
> Mike
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