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[MOL] Vitamin E Study and Progress

Vitamin E is one of the basic antioxidants that is believed to either

prevent cancer or as part of therapy for those with cancer. Of course

many pros and cons on this, but hopefully the following information will

give us some more positive insight as to the benefits of one of the

antioxidants, Vitamin E.

God Bless

marty auslander


	The latest analysis from a large prevention trial, conducted by the

National Cancer Institute and the National Public Health Institute of

Finland, shows that long-term use of a moderate-dose of vitamin E

supplement substantially reduces prostate cancer incidences and deaths

in male smokers.  The report was published in the Journal of the

National Cancer Institute.

	This report from the Alpha Tocopheral, Beta-Carotene Cancer Prevention

Study (ATBC study) showed that 50 to 69 year old men who tookd 50 mg of

alpha tocopherol ( a form of the antioxidant vitamin E) daily for five

to eight years had 32 percent fewer diagnoses of prostate cancer and 41

percent fewer prostate cancer deaths compared to men who did not receive

vitamin E. The dose of vitamin E is equal to about 50 iu. (international

units) and is about three timed the Recommended Dietary Allowances.  The

29,133 male smokers  from Finland were randomly assigned to receive

alpha-tocopheral, beta carotene (20mg) or a placebo (inactive pill that

looked like the vitamin daily)

	The ATBC study and similar trials have shown us that supplements are

not necessarily the magic bullet and , more importantly, that what may

be a beneficial supplement for some people may be harmful to others, "

says Albanes, who is in the Cancer Prevention Studies Branch of NCI's

division of clinical sciences. "these results give hope that a simple

intervention may one day help reduce a mans chances of developing

prostate cancer".
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