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[MOL] Treatment for Nasopharyngeal, Head and Neck Cancer

Good Morning my friends.....the following is some new information 
about progressive therapy treatments for Nasopharyngeal and
 Head and Neck Cancers.  I am finding many more treatments are
 and will be available in the very near future. HOPE is finally
 here and on the way.

	Two new randomized studies have shown that chemotherapy
 used in combination with radiation treatment, rather than radiation
 alone, yields significantly higher survival rates for survivors with
 difficult-to-treat advanced nasopharyngeal, head and neck cancers.  
In a study examining the effectiveness of chemoradiotherapy in 193 
survivors with nasopharyngeal cancer, a consortuium of over 40
 universities and comprehensive care centers found a significant 
increase in survival using chemoradiotherapy vs treatment with
 radiation alone.  The chemoradiotherapy involved the use of 
cisplatin every three weeks for three cycles in conjunction 
with radiation treatment. Chemotherapy using cisplatin and 
fluorouracil was the adminstered after radiation.

	A second study, involving 270 assessable survivors at
 six German medical centers, is one of the first to show the
 effectiveness of chemoradiotherapy in advanced head and neck cancer. 
The chemoradiotherapy in this study involved the use of cisplatin,
fluorouracil and leucovorin in three cycles, in conjunction with
radiation treatment. The majority of survivors in both studies had
advanced cancer.

I hope and pray this information will  benefit some here. 
 I believe JOhn should be aware of this. I will e-mail this
 info to him and I will speak with him on tues or Wed of this week.

God Bless
marty auslander
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