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[MOL] New Liver Cancer Treatments

I believe there are some on this list that said they had liver involved

cancer. This may be very informative and interesting as this the

following message involves a treatment for liver cancer.

God bless

marty auslander


	By transforming radio signals into a surgical laser, surgeons at the

University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center are using high-energy radio

frequency sound waves to destroy inoperable primary and metastatic liver

tumors.  the powerful procedure, called radio frequency ablation, is

available at Penns Cancer Center and a few other select hospitals in the

U.S. This technology enhances a surgeoins ability to access and

successfully treat liver tumors, which are commonly deemed "inoperable"

due to their anatomical position inside the organ itself.

	The surgeon literally chars the tumorous tissue by zapping

up to 100 watts of heat through a probe tip and attached tentacle-like

extensions. The heat-similar to what is generated by a microwave

oven-kills the tumor.  ONce all the tumor cells are dead, the body

absorbs this tissue over time and no resection of the tumor is needed.
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