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Dear Friend:  I am not in the position to give stats, nor do we believe in
stats; as far too many of the people on our forum have long gone pass stats.
Stats merely serve the purpose of taking away the bodies most natural
healing factor and that is called hope.  I believe that the tcells can be
brought up and that if your sisters immune system is aggressively worked on
through alternative meds. that she could undergo treatment for cancer.
There are many common grounds to HIV and Cancer.  There are some over 300
cures just waiting for FDA approval, they have been through the trial
stages; so you see there is always hope.  I would encourage you to become
positive and to research all you can on the sm. cell cancer and on the t
cells, immune system and HIV ,   The net has allot of offer all of us in
gaining the insight we need to take back control of our lives through
treatment decisions.  Give this gift to your sister and your will have given
her the greatest gift of all.  If we may be of further assistance to you ,
pls. feel free to just ask;, we are here to help and you will meet a
wonderful group of people.  Sincerely, Lillian
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>My 56 year old sister who is also an aids patient with tcells at 118 was
>diagnosed with metestasized adeno carcenomia (pardon my spelling)  Based
>the cat scan it look as though she may be a stage 2.  I have not been able
>contact the doctor (we found out Friday), but appears that this is the
>cell type?  The cancer had spread to the lymphs near the right lung.  My
>opinion is the prognosis is not good and with tcell so low, I wonder if she
>can tolerate any radical (and in my opinon all cancer treatments are
>treatments?  Somebody step up to the plate and give me an opinion as to how
>much time she has.  (The doctors at this point would not venture)  She
>exhausts easily and is in a good deal of pain.  I think she has been hiding
>these symptons for the past three months as she lives along and I live 650
>miles away.  I just got back from seeing her and it doesn't look good to
>Thanks folks.
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