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[MOL] NEW Liver cancer treatment

Dear Judy,


I will be e-mailing and posting some very interesting articles on liver

treatments that you may be interested in. I am certainly certain there

will be many more wonderful people here to support you as well and

answer your concerns. I will e-mail to you right after this message and

also post on mol.

God Bless


Paul Steiner wrote:


> I found I had carcinoid syndrome five years ago.  I am currently on 1cc

> of sandostatin per day.  It is supposed to help diarrea and flushing.

> It helps a little I guess, but I was wondering if there is somthing else

> that could work better or work with sandostantin.  I have days that I

> flush so hard I am tired all the time.  I can't tell if I am flushing

> from dump syndrom, menapause or the cancer.  However, the bottom line is

> I am flushing all the time.  My tumors are in my liver and were removed

> from my intestines (apparently primary tumors), my stomach wall and

> appendix and a couple from the out side of my liver.  That was done five

> years ago when the cancer was found during surgury for something else.

> So far no tumors are big enough the be seen, but I have the symptons of

> the tumors being in my liver.  Is there any research being done on this

> type of cancer?  I have had Chemo and it did nothing.  Does (interfuron)

> however it is spelled, help this type of cancer?  Where can I go for

> more information?


> Thanks for your help

> Judith Steiner

> n7mhv@earthlink.net

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