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[MOL] Treatment for Melanoma and Melanoma Metastasis

The following is information about some great advances in treatment for 

Melanoma and Melanoma metastasis. I am praying and hoping that this and

some of the new treatments are the answer to our concerns about this

terrible disease and that many survivors benefit by this. At the very

least we know that there is HOPE in knowing that besides chemotherapy

great advances in gene therapy, vaccine therapy, angiogenesis,

immunotherapy are finally here and seem to show more success with less

side effect than standard chemotherapy. HOpe this information benefits.

I believe there are several of our friends that are concerned about

melanoma and advanced melanoma and this may be very interesting and

hopeful for them..

God bless

marty auslander


Early clinical trials of a synthetic vaccine are showing promise in

obtaining an immune response from survivors with melanoma, an often

deadly form of skin cancer, according to researchers at the N.C.I. NCI

investigators designed a peptide that mimics the antigen that sits on

the surface of a survivors own tumor cells.  this peptide was then used

to vaccinate survivors and evoke an immune resonse.

	The study demonstrates that is is possible to get the immune system to

recognize a protein or antigen that is present on a melanoma. this is an

essential research step in developing  new immunotherapies for the

treatment of patients with cancer, says Steven A. Rosenberg, MD PhD,

chief of surgery at NCI and the principal investigator.

	Results of the study involving 31 survivors whose melanomas had spread

(metastasized) to other sites in the body were published in the March

issue of Nature Magazine.  All of the survivors received a mixture

containing the designer peptide (of the antigen gp 100) and an oil based

adjuvant to enhance its uptake by the immune system.  In addition, the

survivors were given interleukin-2 (IL-2) a growthe factor isolated from

T-lymphochygtes, white blood cells that orchestrate the immune

response.  After two to four vaccine injections every three weeks, 13

survivors (42 percent) receiving the vaccine and IL-2 combination

exhibited a 50 percent of greater tumor shrinkage at all sites.  In

previous studies, this compared to tumor shrinkage in only 17 percent of

survivors receiving IL-2 alone.
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