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[MOL] Seeking input

My 56 year old sister who is also an aids patient with tcells at 118 was just
diagnosed with metestasized adeno carcenomia (pardon my spelling)  Based upon
the cat scan it look as though she may be a stage 2.  I have not been able to
contact the doctor (we found out Friday), but appears that this is the small
cell type?  The cancer had spread to the lymphs near the right lung.  My own
opinion is the prognosis is not good and with tcell so low, I wonder if she
can tolerate any radical (and in my opinon all cancer treatments are radical)
treatments?  Somebody step up to the plate and give me an opinion as to how
much time she has.  (The doctors at this point would not venture)  She
exhausts easily and is in a good deal of pain.  I think she has been hiding
these symptons for the past three months as she lives along and I live 650
miles away.  I just got back from seeing her and it doesn't look good to me.
Thanks folks.  
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