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[MOL] Annie's latest

Hi Everyone!

I've been so tired the past four days, that I haven't done much of
anything.  So today I have to play catch up.  I had 4 days of dishes to
wash, and now I'm starting my first load of laundry.  I probably have
three more loads left to do.

I want to get things taken care of before I go in for my next chemo
treatment on Tuesday.

The great hair loss has begun.  I thought it wouldn't start until AFTER
my second chemo.  Yesterday I had about twice my normal daily hair loss. 
I tried to convince myself that I was imagining it.  But this morning, I
had about ten times my normal amount, and it continues to fall out.  At
least it's not falling out in clumps yet!  But I may be bald by the end
of the week.

Georgiana and I went to Columbus last night.  We had supper at Pizzeria
Uno (our main reason for going down to Columbus).  Then we went to the
mall.  We each found a couple things to buy.  We had a good time.

I got a walk in today.  I've been too tired to take a walk for about the
past three days.  I've got to get back into the routine though.  I'm
going to try to force myself to walk, even if I feel too tired.

I got a copy of my hospital bill for the first chemo treatment - $5,115! 
Of course, the surgery to implant the catheter was part of it, so my
other treatments shouldn't be quite that bad.  The bad thing about the
bill is that it does not include any doctor's fees - more good news to
look forward to.  One item on the bill is "Self Administered Meds".   I
brought my prescription meds with me to help hold down costs - but does
this item mean that I'm charged for them anyhow?!  Just love the medical

I'm very close to my "out of pocket maximum" of $2,500, so the insurance
is supposed to start paying 100% at that point.  I won't believe it until
I see it though.

It was a nice sunny day this morning, but now it's starting to get dark. 
I suppose we'll get a little shower sometime this evening.

I hope everyone has a great Mother's day!

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