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[MOL] News about Mom, Annie & in general

Hi Everyone,

It's Sunday and Michael awoke congested again, but he's better now.  The
children and I enjoyed watching three brown bunnies hop around our
backyard.  I think  it was a Mama, Papa, and baby.  Shannon wants to put
a huge carrot out there for them, but Tom told her they wouldn't eat it
and it might draw rats or skunks.  So I looked up bunnies on the internet
to find out what they eat and I learned that they eat their own poop! 
It's not fully digested so there's still enough food in it to attract
them to it.  Bleh!  Shannon had already put some carrot slices outside
for the bunnies.  She said she put them on the ground "since bunnies
can't climb trees."  Michael threw a huge fit about having to go potty,
etc., and I was fortunate enough to leave with Shannon at that time to go
to Best Buy to look for my Mother's Day cd.  Unfortunately, they didn't
have as good of a selection as I expected so I didn't get my Camelot cd
(I'll get it at Borders next Saturday), but I did find "Funny Girl" and
I'm enjoying it now.  Shannon loves music, too, so she was ready to dance
all over the house to the songs on it. 

I had a wonderful birthday (on Friday) and Mother's Day weekend!  Tom
picked up our favorite sandwiches (Vie de France) for sandwiches on
Friday night and then we ate a birthday ice-cream cake.  And on Saturday
I took Shannon w/me to Borders bookstore where we enjoyed a snack in the
cafe and then looked at books and then listened to music w/earphones. 
Then we drove over to Tower Records and finally ended up at Zaney Brainy.
 We had a great time.  After that, my friend Bonnie & I got together to
surf for close-out sales at Caldor.  We had such a great time!  And
everything was 40% off so I found some fantastic deals!   And I ended the
day by listening (and falling asleep) to Cris's self-hypnosis
visualization/affirmation tape.  It is such a lovely tape and I can
picture myself so well in it.  It never fails to relax me.  I am so glad
I'm learning to take some special time for myself.  I've found yet
another thing that helps bring me peace - working jigsaw puzzles!  I kid
you not!  It is so relaxing.  Mom agreed with me on that when I mentioned
it to her.  She and I used to work puzzles together.  

The next thing on my agenda is to plan activities for Michael's birthday
party next Saturday.  He turns 4-yrs.-old and we always invite lots of
people and I always stress out over what I'm going to do with all of
these kids.  Hopefully these new stress-relieving techniques I'm learning
will help keep me from doing that this time.  We'll see how well they
work....  It will be a rather hectic day because we have the party
scheduled for 10-12 noon and then I have to rush off to my psychologist
appt.  And Shannon just got a birthday invite for 2-4 p.m. that same day
so we have to figure out the logistics of that since I don't want to take
Michael with me to my appt.

I spoke to my mom last night.  She was due to have another mammogram. 
Well, it turns out that her doctor didn't have her get another one yet. 
He and another doctor she consulted said that the masses in her breast
are almost certainly cysts caused by taking the Premarin, that they've
seen this in other women as well.  He told her to stop worrying about it.
 Apparently there has been no change in the masses since they first found
them in December.  He told Mom he wants her to wait another month (until
June 1st) and then they'll examine her again and do another mammogram if
necessary.  He took her off of the Premarin and put her on some other
medicines (she can't recall the names).  Mom said some of her friends who
had similar experiences said this was the route the doctors took with
them, too.  Mom tells me you have to trust somebody, but I wonder how the
doctor can tell this cyst (?) is not cancerous without doing a biopsy. 
Of course, Mom is less than eager to get a biopsy since she has been told
they are very painful.

Annie appears to be doing alright, except for headaches (which are
probably due to the high blood pressure), and restlessnes at bedtime
because all of her concerns catch up to her then.  She goes for her
second chemo treatment mid-week.  Regina will go with her.  Tom's parents
have colds so, obviously, they must stay away from her until they're well
again.  I think Annie said, too, that she's not real energetic - probably
due to the chemo.  My brother-in-law said that he knows she's regularly
using the meditation tape that Cris sent her.  So that's good news.

I am doing fine.  My ankle still gives me some trouble, but I haven't
been soaking my foot either.  Supposedly, I have a heel spur on my left
foot and that is the cause of the occasional shooting pain up my ankle. 
My neck seems to be much better, so I'm grateful for that.  

Anyway, that's all to report from this front.  As usual, my prayers are
with everyone.

P.S.  If you get a similar message from me on Monday via Tidalwave it
will be because my Tidalwave e-mail isn't working this weekend & I saved
the messages w/instructions to send later.

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