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[MOL] top 10 Things Wished for, for Mothers DAy

Just recieved this from a very good friend. HOpe you enjoy as I

God Bless


 Top 10 list of what Moms really want for Mother's Day
         10) To be able to eat a whole candy bar (alone) and drink a
Coke without any "floaters".
         9) To have their 14-year-old answer a question without rolling
her  eyes in that "Why is this person my mother?" way.
         8) Five pounds of chocolate that won't add twenty.
         7) A shower without a child peeking through the curtain with a
"Hi ya, Mom!" just as I put razor to my ankle.
         6) A full-time cleaning person who looks like Brad Pitt.
         5) For their teenagers to announce, "Hey, Mom!  I got a full
         scholarship and a job all in the same day!"
         4) A grocery store that doesn't have candy/gum/cheap toys
         displayed at the checkout line.
         3) To have a family meal without a discussion about bodily
         2) To be able to step on an airplane with their toddlers and
not have some pencil-neck-yuppie-geek moan, "Oh, no!  Why me?"
         1) Four words:  Fisher Price Play Prison
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