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Re: [MOL] KTF!

Dear Joicy,

Thank you so very much for that information, I have placed in my
bookmarks and will look forward to viewing it today.  I don't know if
you are a Mother, but just have a great  Mothers day...enjoy

God Bless
your friend
marty auslander

Joicy Becker-Richards wrote:
> For those who haven't come across the "Keepin' the Faith" site, you can
> find it at
> It's a very upbeat site by a neat lady whose known a lot of bumps in the
> road, including a husband in pancreatic cancer remission, and a young
> son with serious heart problems. I love their creed...
> Joicy
> The KTF! Creed:
> "Cancer, I intend to not only beat you, but to use you to better the
> lives of everyone I can: by loving them, encouraging them, giving them
> information, making them laugh, praying for them, and by any other means
> I can. Cancer, you are not the end. You are merely my
> opportunity to serve others--and perhaps my only chance to attain at
> least some small measure of heroism."
> by Hodgkin's Disease survivor Mark Hartwig,
>  written to friends as he was undergoing a stem cell transplant for a
> relapse
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