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[MOL] A Poem From a Survivor

REad this poem by Colleen Hankins, a breast cancer survivor and the

poems become more profound and meaningful when the soul and heart and

mind of a survivor writes with passion and conviction as they experience

the anguish of this disease and subsequently results in the miracle of

surviving with long term quality life.

God Bless

marty auslander


I remember when

I was a little one

I thought time was on my side

Every day was a joy to me

new things to learn and try.

When I grew up I let my life

and time slip away, and

soon it seemed tomorrow

became all my yesterdays.

An illness taught me how to cope

live each day one at a time.

Capture every moment

each second at its prime

Lifes journey goes by quickly

so grasp it, if you will

take care, love life, eat right

(thats right!, :)..)

and laugh with zest and zeal!!!
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