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Re: [MOL] leiomyosarcoma

Dear Sandra:  I have attached allot of information to help you including NCI
and their phone numbers and web site numbers.  Please know that we
understand that this truly is a difficult time for you and want you to know
that we are here to help you through your journey.  Pls. advise us of any
more information you may give us on your cancer and know that we are her for
any reason you need us.  Sincerely, Lillian
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From: Sandra P Tipton <>
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Date: Monday, May 11, 1998 2:10 PM
Subject: [MOL] leiomyosarcoma

>Approximately 2 months ago my 33 year old sister was diagnosed with
>leiomyosarcoma. She recently completed her 1st treatment of MAID.  I
>would like to receive any information you have on this type of cancer,
>survivor letters, new treatment , anything that might be helpful.  We
>recently learned that her doctors may see something on her heart.  Do you
>have any information about this cancer and its spread to the heart.
>Chemotherapy may not be an option if it has gone to the heart.  Are there
>any alternatives?  Thank you for your help.
>Sandra Tipton
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                                 INFORMATION TO HELP YOU

MD Anderson:            http//rpisun 2
Better Health:             http//www.beter
MOL:                           http://www.meds./archives/mol.cancer
Mem. Soan-Kettring:
NH  Gov.                     http://www/nci/gov 
NH Gov.            

1-800-4 Cancer (American Cancer Inst.)

(On the Home Page of Medicine On Line (MOL) go to Medline.  This is a service of the National Library of Medicine which provides literature searches in the medical journals.  When you enter the name of the cancer it will return articiles from the last 3 years.  The cancer links contains patient files.  The Medicine On Line  Cancer Services are listed there including some quite good international sites.)

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NCCS Guide to Cancer Resources Cansearch.url

NCI Cancer Trials.url

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