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[MOL] Want Milk?

My Daughter Lynette just finished baking our first batch of the Nemem-Marcus
cookie's from the recipe on the MOL network.  (I did help of course)

How decadent can we get.  Hot out of the oven, chocolate chips melting down my
chin as I bite through the delicious morsel, trying to wipe my chin as I eat.
Mouthful of cookie I asked for a glass of Milk.  What no milk, now thats not

A word of CAUTION to all who try the recipe.  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ICE COLD MILK



PS.  These cookies are not for those who are on a strict low calorie/low fat
diet.  They are for those who occasionally want to feel real sensual
decadence.  A chocolate lovers cookie it is.

PPS.  These are really GOOD!!
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