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[MOL] pictures

Dear Mol friends-  I have seen where people are sending pictures but
thought that I wasn't able to get any of them.  Lo and behold I went to my
attachments folder last night and found a picture of Sally and one of
Charlie.  They almost brought tears to my eyes!  I have been reading
messages from all of you for 3 or 4 months now and consider all of you to
be friends.  It was just so amazing to actually be able to put a name and a
face together.  I was wondering what you use to send your pictures.  I was
able to see Charlie and Sally by using Jpeg.  Can anyone else send pictures
that way?  I would love to see some more!!
Hope that all of you mothers had a wonderful day yesterday.  Mine was a
little strange with one son in NJ and one in CA and a mother who died in
April.  Memories are a wonderful thing when it comes to situations like
that!  Those of you who still have children at home or living nearby, give
them an extra hug for me!!   Mary Ann

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