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[MOL] Mom's mammogram

Hi Everyone,
O.k.  I'm going to try to do this again.  I just finished a long message
to everyone and then accidentally deleted it.  Grrr...  Anyway, I wanted
to tell you that I spoke to my Mom tonight about her mammogram.  It
turns out that the doctor didn't do one on her today after all.  Mom
says that both doctors (the first one & the second one) feel that her
two large masses in her breast are only cysts resultant from the
Premarin she was taking.  She said the masses have not changed since she
first saw the doctor in December and now the doctors want her to wait
until the 1st of June to have another mammogram (maybe) done.  They told
her to stop worrying so much because they are almost completely positive
that these masses are only cysts.  The doctor she saw today took her off
of the Premarin and put her on other (synthetic?) medicine, but Mom
couldn't recall the names of the drugs.  Mom seems to be content with
the doctor's diagnosis.  She says, "You have to trust somebody, right?"
And she doesn't really want a biopsy anyway because she has heard they
are very painful.  She said her friends have had similar experiences
w/doctors regarding cysts and the wait to insure they are cysts has been
just as long.  I'm a little unsure what to think.  I'm afraid the
doctors can't be certain it's only a benign cyst until they do a biopsy,
even though they've already done a mammogram and an ultrasound.
Although news that there has been no change to the masses since December
seems encouraging, right?

Other than that, there's not much else new to tell except that I spent
some one-on-one time with my darling 6-1/2-yr.-old daughter today & we
had a great time.  I took her to Borders bookstore and we supped in the
little cafe there.  Then we browsed the books and the tapes and listened
to music.  I listened to Godspell awhile and it lifted my soul - it was
so wonderful.  I love musicals so much.  Whenever my parents fought when
I was growing up, I would retreat to my bedroom, shut the door, and put
on a musical so I could get lost in it, pretend I was a different person
with heart uplifted.  The music just transports me and I love it.  I
almost bought the Camelot cd, but then I became undecided again on which
cd I wanted, so I put it back.  Tom and the kids still plan to get me a
Mother's Day gift, so I think I'll have them get me some musicals on
cd.  I still have a lot of original soundtracks to musicals on
33-1/2-rpm records (maybe they're valuable by now?) and I play them on
my old record player sometime.

Recently, I found another thing that I'd forgotten was so peaceful and
relaxing - doing jigsaw puzzles!  My mother and I used to do jigsaw
puzzles together and now my children and I do them together.  So
peaceful!  Hard to hold onto worries when you're trying to figuire out
how to fit jigsaw pieces together!

Later tonight, my friend Bonnie and I drove to Caldor's, too, to shop.
Everything there was 40% off it's already marked down price.  We had a
great time!  Lots of fun!  I so easily forget how much fun I have when I
open myself up to my friends.  It's so easy to close everyone out when
you have depression.  I'm glad I didn't do that today.  Shannon (my
daughter) enjoyed our time together so much today that she asked me if
we could do it every weekend!  (We'll do it again sometime, but not
every weekend.)

And I capped off this nearly perfect day by relaxing to the wonderful
self-hypnosis, affirming visualization tape that Cris gave me.  It
always puts me to sleep near the end of it and it is such a luxurous,
deep sleep.  I enjoy it so very much.

Well, that's all to report from this sector.  Got to get to sleep now.
Take care, God bless, and much gratitude for everyone's support & love
for my mother, my sister-in-law, and myself.  Thanks!  I will, as usual,
keep you in my prayers, too.


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