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[MOL] Another note from Annie

Annie sounds less up in this message.  I imagine losing your hair is very
depressing, as she says.  Is anyone familar with those humor books about
cancer?  I think a woman writes them.  I saw them and wondered how anyone
who is experiencing cancer could find them to be funny.  And I've
wondered if maybe they are funny to some cancer patients and I should
send a copy to Annie.  Has anyone read them and enjoyed them?  What can I
do to cheer her up?  Any ideas?


Hi Everyone!

I went to the American Cancer Society today and ordered a wig - it's
free.  It will probably arrive on Friday.  I'm not sure it's my style,
but it was the best I could find in the ZsaZsa Gabor catalog.  I will
probably still get another wig at the local wig store or somewhere in

Lost a lot more hair this morning.  Every time I touch my hair, I lose
some more.  I used a lot of hair spray this morning to see if that helps.
 And I'm doing my best not to touch my hair so that the loss might be
slowed down.

>From the beginning I've accepted the fact that I would lose my hair. 
But once it really starts falling out, it's kinda depressing.  But I'll
get through this!

I've bought several magazines for my hospital stay.  My appointment with
Dr. Fowler is at 10:30 tomorrow.  Then I go over to the hospital for my
next treatment.  We should get out earlier on Wednesday than last time. 
I think it was 5 or 7 o'clock before they started the chemo last time. 
This time we might be able to go home by mid-afternoon.

Jean - I mailed a package to Michael today for his birthday - keep an eye
open for it.  When it arrives, he can open ONE present, and Shannon can
open the one I sent for her.  I'd like you to wait until his birthday to
open the other presents.  This might teach him a little restraint.

Mom - the iris's that you planted behind my garage are starting to bloom
- pretty purple!

While I was at the post office today, I discovered that they have a
Sylvester and Tweety stamp out.  Of course, I bought some!

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