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[MOL] Cherish The Moments

Dearest Friends,

I heard this from a very good friend on another cancer discussion list
and hope you wouldn't mind my sharing this with you. It is much of what
I wish to say much of the time and don't have the intelligence to
articulate.  Hope your day and weekend was special.

God Bless
marty auslander

My reading comes from Melody Beattie's Journey to the Heart. 
This book contains daily readings that help you to find your
way to your heart, to learn to love YOU.

Cherish Each Moment

Stop waiting for the one moment in time that will change your
life.  Instead, cherish all the moments.  A desert cactus that
blooms briefly only once a year does not consider all the
moments it is not in bloom wasted.  It considers them
necessary and important.  It knows the rest of the year, the
rest of its life, it is beautiful, too.

All the moments count.  The quiet moments.  The moments of
boredom and solitude.  The moments of sharing.  The exciting
moments of discovery.  The moments of grandeur.  the agonizing
moments when we feel sad, angry, and upset.  Each moment in
time is equally important.  Don't wait and hope for the one
thing, the one person, the one event, that will change your
life, plummet you into the future and the life you desire. 
Instead remember that each moment in time brings change,
evolution, and transformation.

Most of us relish the magnificent spiritual experiences, those
tremendous discoveries, those important times of change.  But
those moments don't happen that often.  The truth is, each
moment in time is a spiritual experience, an important time of
change.  Cherish all your moments.  Soon you will see the
beauty and power of each.

Let each moment have value.  Let each day of your life be the
spiritual experience you seek.  The power to change and evolve
lies within you.  The life you desire is happening right now. 
Your destiny is here.

Cherish all of your moments.
Embrace the beauty and importance of each one.
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