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Re: [MOL] (Fwd) Adenocarcinoma - nutritional regieme

Hello again Dear Lady,

Very useful informative sites as one of our other members Jeanne K also
is a devotee of Dr. Quillan. He is a proponent of immune therapy, say
like the Livingston Foundation or Dr. Walter Crinnion or the Health
Quarters in Colorado Springs. All are in the belief that revitalization
and detoxification and rejuvenation of the immune system is a factor on
recovery and maintenace of longer quality life. I believe all programs
are medically monitored and controlled. Thank you for that information.

God Bless

KatiesGma wrote:
> I found one website that has general information on alternative medicine.  It
> also has references to a lot of other websites.  You may want to start there.
> Hope it helps.
>  --- tips from one cancer survivor
> to another
> This site was listed by National Cancer Institute.  I haven't been on it yet.
> --
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