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Re: [MOL] Dear Carla, Marty, & Lillian

Dear Lady,

I know that you are in incredible anxiety, for the moment....One of the
essential messages I can relate to you is that your fears and anxieties
may not be based on fact. But more of fear and anxieties that may never
happen. So if that is the case, then we must take one step at a time,
one concern at a time and the fact that you are writing down all these
concerns is will be very useful and help you understand what the doc
will say to you. YOu may wish to bring a tape recorder to tape the
consultation. WE had for every consultation and many do, and play back
to interpret and understand what the doctor says as sometimes our
emotions, during the consultation, clouds up the realism of what the
doctor is saying.

AS for 2nd opinions, we had to go to 7 different opinions, at first in
order to find two that would concur with the primary doctor. AS it
turned out none agreed on type of diagnosis or type of treatment.  That
is not to say you will need to see those many but to answer your
question, you are the one that is effected mentally and physically, you
need to be assured and reassured that you understand the diagnosis and
type of treatment to be taken. If it means seeing 2 opinions or 3 then
thats what it may take, but for now we need just to relax and take one
step at a time. And if it makes you feel better and reassured to seek
out a 2nd opinion even though there is a no matter what, then the money
is worth the time and effort for you to be confident in your

YOur inner wisdom, at some point kicks in, and will tell you what is
right and the way to proceed. YOu will learn much, there is no right or
wrong to this...just a learning process and in time as you proceed on
your wellness plan and journey....which includes overcoming all the
emotions as a result of this diagnosis you will find as many do that
their inner wisdom is a result of this very beginning of education,
knowledge and the travels you take on this journey will be with great

As you  know much has been posted here in the last week on the many new
drugs and treatments for many of the types of cancers....pls take that
to heart as medicine has come a long way and you will learn that there
will be much you may need to learn in time about alternative treatments
for maintenance and longer quality life for many years to come.

Pls continue to come back and hope we, for the moment, have provided you
with some information that will reduce your stress. It is as essential
to be as stress free as possible.

Take care and God Bless do keep us posted.
YOur friend
marty auslander

KatiesGma wrote:
> Thanks for the generous and compassionate offers of support.  I'll be leaning
> quite heavily on you all for a while, but, hopefully as I learn, I'll be able
> to help others too.
> Today is my first trip to an Oncologist.  I have done a lot of research; I
> have prepared a long list of questions; and I will have my Mom with me to be
> another set of ears.  You could say:  I am ready!!!  Then why am I so scared?
> I keep worrying about whether this doctor is really, really good or just OK.
> I wonder if he will really, really care about me, or will I just be another
> patient.   In other words, I wonder how I will  know whether or not I'm
> getting the best possible care.
> Should I seek a second opinion no matter what?  What do I do if one says one
> thing and the other says something different?  How do I know who is right?
> And what if it takes another several weeks before I can see another doctor?
> Will I not be risking more by waiting?
> I know I'll find the right answers as I move forward.  But, thanks anyway for
> letting a control freak vent a little.
> ---
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