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[MOL] Dear Carla, Marty, & Lillian

Thanks for the generous and compassionate offers of support.  I'll be leaning
quite heavily on you all for a while, but, hopefully as I learn, I'll be able
to help others too.

Today is my first trip to an Oncologist.  I have done a lot of research; I
have prepared a long list of questions; and I will have my Mom with me to be
another set of ears.  You could say:  I am ready!!!  Then why am I so scared?
I keep worrying about whether this doctor is really, really good or just OK.
I wonder if he will really, really care about me, or will I just be another
patient.   In other words, I wonder how I will  know whether or not I'm
getting the best possible care.   

Should I seek a second opinion no matter what?  What do I do if one says one
thing and the other says something different?  How do I know who is right?
And what if it takes another several weeks before I can see another doctor?
Will I not be risking more by waiting?

I know I'll find the right answers as I move forward.  But, thanks anyway for
letting a control freak vent a little.    

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