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[MOL] (Fwd) Adenocarcinoma - nutritional regieme

Dear mol-cancer,
I was a member of a number of lists during 1996-1997, and I received 
help from someone called Cindi Kirkman re a nutritional regieme for 
her father with stage 4 adenocarcinoma.  I have now been emailed by 
John San Miguel (his email address is below), and he would like 
information about this nutritional regime.  If anyone has any 
information that would be useful to his father, or knows of any list 
that you could send this email to, so that he might get the 
information on nutritional regieme that he requires, I would be most 
grateful.  Please send the information directly to John.  His email 
address is below.  
John, I wish you good luck with your search and hope you find the 
information that you require to help your father. And I am sorry that 
I am not of any real help!


This is the email that I recieved from John.

 From:          John San Miguel <jsmusa@mindspring.com>

Dear Mr Waters,

I hope you can help me.  I just found out today my father was diagnosed two
weeks ago with Adeno carcinoma, stage 4 in his liver.

One of my family faxed me a page downloaded from the Meds.com web site
archive.  None of them have computers and a friend was helping them to look
for resource material.

The page is dated Thursday, 24 October, 1996 Subject: Re: info on
nutritional regieme.  From: "Patric J. Waters"  The page refers to a
message from Cindi Kirkman and is about a nutritional regieme she found
very helpful to her father who had Stage 4 adenocarcinoma and had been
using this nutritional regieme for 19 months.

I have searched the Meds.com 1996 archive by both thread and date index.  I
have found two other messages besides yours referring to Cindi Kirkman's
nutritional regieme, but I have not been able to find Cindi Kirkman's
orgingal message or her email address.

Did you ever receive this nutritional regieme from Cindi Kirkman?  Was it
effective?  Would you have her email address? 

I know this was quite some time ago and I apologize if I'm asking you to
dig around in painful memories.  I am truly sorry.  I hope your brother is
doing well.

I would be grateful if you could give me any leads in this matter.
Thank you very much for you time and help. 
John San Miguel 
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