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[MOL] In response to lung cancer, node involvement and HIV

Cancell or Cantron
What is Cancell/Cantron?
Cancell/Cantron is an assembly of synthetic chemicals created for their
electrical properties. (Cancell has been re-named Cantron.)
Cantron reacts with the body electrically; it lowers the voltage of the cell
structure of the body by about 20%.
Cantron is non-toxic and seems to have no side effects.
For what conditions have people used Cancell?
People have reported Cancell to be effective against viruses (including
AIDS), herpes, and such conditions as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, lupus,
endometriosis, Crohn's disease, cancer, etc.
What are cancer cells?
Cancer is a mutation anaerobic cell, or cells, which do not use oxygen to
create energy.
Because these anaerobic cells are weak cells, they lyse or convert directly
to waste material when voltage is lowered.
What happens to the Cancer Cells/Viruses in the presence of Cantron?
Damage occurs to the protein coating on the HIV virus and other viruses.
The cancer cells are not killed and they do not die -- they simply digest.
The waste material from this digestion has the appearance of raw egg whites.
The body eliminates this waste material any way it can. It can appear in the
urine, the stool, or as vaginal discharge. It may be thrown up or coughed
up, and it may be eliminated in perspiration. Any, all, or none of these may
The cancer cells are replaced with normal oxygen-using cells, and the cancer
cells no longer exist.
How does Cantron/Cancell compare with Chemotherapy/Radiation?
Both Cantron/Cancell and Chemotherapy/Radiation are used to treat cancer.
Both are NOT FDA-approved; but the FDA permits doctors to treat patients
with Chemotherapy/Radiation; they do not permit doctors to treat patients
with Cantron/Cancell.

Chemotherapy/Radiation are not FDA-approved. Both are "poisons" to the human
body, killing healthy and cancer cells. Both cause genetic mutations and
chromosomal damage, which can cause birth defects and be inherited by
following generations. Both Chemotherapy/Radiation can cause damage, such as
stunted growth, learning disabilities, blindness,even death. Both weaken the
immune system. Every bottle of a chemotherapy drug is stamped "for
experimental use only," and the patient must sign a release before the
doctor will prescribe or administer it. Cancer patients may die sooner after
treatment with chemotherapy and radiation (as much as 4 times soomer**).

Cantron/Cancell does not harm healthy cells; it targets only weakened cells,
such as cancer cells. It is non-toxic and seems to have no side effects.
Reports indicate Cantron is highly effective (over 85%) and safe to use.
**Transactions, New York Academy of Sciences, series 2, v.18, n.8, p.322.

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