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[MOL] nformational Purposes/Lung Cancer-Reply many new advancements

Dear Lil,

I am so very encouraged that so many new drugs for treating many
diseases are finally being considered to be useful and progressive. The
great advances in genetics (DNA) have made it possible to approach these
many diseases with pinpoint precision for treatment and to make new
drugs available with the outlook to be very progressive and hopeful for
the present and that newer drugs will be even more progressive in the
treatments of many more diseases as a result of these scientific
findings. I am as well encouraged by the great additional strides made
in immunotherapy and angiogenesis and vaccine therapy. Together all
these new advancements are extraordinarily encouraging to finally rid
cancer from this earth as a disease.  Thank you dear Lil.

God Bless
marty auslander

firefly wrote:
> A recent study in mice shows that the drug Zadaxin (thymosin alpha 1)
> may decrease the formation of lung tumors. First, the mice were given
> the chemical carcinogen urethane to stimulate formation of lung tumors;
> then they were administered thymosin alpha 1. After four months, the
> mice treated with thymosin alpha 1 had 40 percent fewer lung tumors than
> those treated with urethane alone. Scientists are hopeful that the drug
> may eventually be useful in treating lung and other types of cancer. --
> Source: SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc., May 7, 1998
> Your friend Lillian
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