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[MOL] To Michael Donlin - Reply


What seems to happen when people use the e-mail "reply" address
is that it doesn't work.  The reason is that: it's wrong.  Our
server is fed thru another server at the UW.  The reply address
reads something like:  mdonlin@is.ssd...... but the address is

I don't know why it does that but I'm sure my 'techy' staff
could tell me.

But, I am here and do get my mail - AHA! except that our sever
was down over the weekend.  Thats the reason!

(As you can tell, it's late and I'm punchy.)

Laulani got all packed up to go in for the week - only to find
that her counts were too low still. Actually, it's working out
for the best, tho.  (This will give you an idea of how our
family works.)  On the way home from the hospital, we stopped
off at her office. She was able to arange a meeting tomorrow
which might settle a case she's been working on for 3 years!) 
If she'd been in the hospital, that never would have happened.
And since she's not going in 'tl Wed., it also gives her time
(!) to get Sean's graduation announcements out - and it also
means that at least one of us willbe able to se him pitch in the
State baseball playoffs this week.
Oh, and when the Spice Girls (aka: Noe and her friends) come to
rehearse for Friday's assembly, one of us will be here, to.

And that doens't even begin to mention Shea and Grandma.

Boy, I do sound tired.

I'm here


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