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Mel posted a good site for children earlier.  Also, a couple of others you
might want to check out are:
This last one offers a mailgroup (looks similar to like what we have here on
MOL) for children whose parent has cancer.  I'm sure a grandparent would
qualify as well.  I'm
assuming the 8 year old (boy or girl??) is yours.  I believe I may have some
other sites.  I'll look for them and get them to you when I find them.

Also, and this is based just on how you feel about this, a lot of times a
child can talk to a counselor (school or clinic) and express their fears
that they may not be comfortable about talking about at home for fear of
giving their parents even more to worry about (kids are extremely adept at
picking up on things like this).  Also, this child's support and love may be
exactly what you dad needs to open up a little more.  I truly believe that
without the love he got from our granddaughter, my husband would not have
survived his fight with cancer.  Children just have some type of special
power that brings faith and healing.

Hope a little of this helps!!

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>I just realized that when I reply, it goes to everyone.  I have been
>myself all day.   I am sorry.  Please be patient with me.  You all seem
>nice, and I appreciate all of the replys.  I am a quick learner, and I will
>the hang of all of this.    And you are right none of us know how long we
>I could die before he does just as easily as the other way around.
>I do have a question though.  Any suggestions on discussing cancer with an
>year old?  Appreciate it.  Thanks

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