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Re: [MOL] A Viagra Joke

Dear Jean,

thank you so very much for your beautful reply....NO your joke was not
raw whatsoever.  Truly enjoyed it.

God Bless
marty auslander

Thomas A Johnson wrote:
> Marty,
> That's a pretty good joke.  When I was younger, I defied my Mom (my late,
> early adult rebellion) by subscribing for awhile to Playgirl magazine.
> (My mom would murmer to me, "That thing in the brown wrapper is here for
> you again.")  One joke I recall from it was actually pretty funny and, I
> think, isn't too raw for this forum (I think I've seen "worse," but
> correct me if I'm wrong).  Seems there was a guy at the office whose fly
> was open, but a co-worker was embarrassed to say anything to him about it
> - and she didn't.  The next day, though, he approached her and asked,
> "Er, when my garage door was open yesterday did you see a long, red
> corvette inside?"  "No," she replied sweetly, "but I saw a little pink
> volkswagon!"  I hope this wasn't too torrid.  Ordinarily I don't go in
> for these type of jokes, but it stayed with me all of these years because
> I found this particular one to be pretty funny.  And your Viagra Joke
> brought it to mind again.  In fact, I have to tell you that a student at
> the college where I used to work arrived at my desk one day and I noticed
> that he had his fly open.  I figured he'd want to know so he could close
> it up.  But I guess I made the wrong decision - the minute I told him,
> his face reddened and he shot out of my office like the devil was on his
> tail!  It was sort-of funny, but I did feel a little sorry for him, too.
> Well, it's late & I have to get to bed.  If my joke was too raw, please
> forgive me & chalk it up to the late hour.
> -Jean
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