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Re: [MOL] Annie's report about second chemo treatment-reply

Dear Jean,

thank you so much for that update. Now what you have to do is get your
pic and Shannons and Annies pic digitally dialogued so that you can
e-mail to all of us. Need to see your face so we can place them in our
scrap book of great survivors and caregivers.

I am not much up on the mammogram testing, as we have so many othe
concerns, but I know there is much progress in the works to similar
mammography testing that would not be as uncomfortable as the present
system. I know Barb is interested and she says "I am so glad this comes
only once a year".  We will pray for the results to be normal in with
your tests.

YOu may wish to tell Shannon we have zillions of hummingbirds of all
different colors and they are just a delight especially around our bird
feeders and especially when they all gang up prior to going to sleep at
night. that is when they attack the feeders in full force and as you
know they are very territorial and its like watching SEinfeld and COPS, 
as they are in one sense funny to watch and in another sense very
offensive when they go for their food.

Anyway thank you Jean and do have a great weekend. OUr very best to your
family and Annie. Tell her from all of us, we are very proud of her as
we are of you, for being there for her.

God Bless

Thomas A Johnson wrote:
> Marty,
> Thanks for the advice for Annie & the sentiments about my cold.  I still
> have my cold, but it appears to affect me mostly at night (which will be
> a bonus since Michael's birthday party tomorrow is 10-12 noon).  More
> good news is that they didn't have to do any repeat x-rays for my
> mammogram today, so I take that as a sign that everything was just fine.
> I'll know for certain, though, in two weeks.  It's just my routine annual
> exam - only my second one in my entire life.  I was expecting it to hurt,
> but it didn't hurt at all.  I was pleased about that.  I was glad I
> didn't have to watch, though, as she used that vise-like thing on me!
> But I was truly pleased at how quickly and painlessly things progressed.
> I was out of there in no time & then I treated myself to a little browse
> through Crown Bookstore.  I picked up two little books on identifying
> shells and beach critters since we'll be spending a few days at the beach
> this coming week.  I figured Shannon would be excited about them, but
> turns out she has little to no interest.  I guess she prefers birds.  Oh
> well, plenty of birds at the beach, too. LOL
> -Jean
> On Fri, 15 May 1998 07:33:43 -0700 Martin Auslander
> <> writes:
> >Dear Jean,
> >
> >Thank you so much for that message. Just a little positive note about
> >children and leukemia. I am on the board of volunteers at childrens
> >Hospital in California, and I have been told by a number of great
> >oncologists in this area that the survival rate, cancer free rate for
> >children is over 80% and the balance of that rate have been prolonged
> >for longer quality life. Just thought you would like to hear.  Quite a
> >bit of that is being contributed to BMT, bone marrow transplants which
> >are producing very positive success in childrens leukemia.
> >
> >I hope you are over your cold by now.....they can be nasty.
> >
> >Annies message sound so positive. As another suggestion you may pass
> >on
> >to Annie that she probably should drink at least a half to half gallon
> >a
> >day of water which is so needed to replace the nutrients lost in her
> >system as a result of diarrhea and vomiting. That should be a daily
> >must
> >as long as she is on chemo as the toxicity in itself is troubling on
> >vital organs unless much water is ingested. Just another suggestion.
> >
> >take care and thank you for update.
> >
> >God Bless
> >marty
> >
> >
> >
> >Thomas A Johnson wrote:
> >>
> >> Hi.  Here's Annie's report about her second chemo treatment.  Sounds
> >like
> >> she's rebounding a little bit - which is good news.  I admire her
> >courage
> >> and spirit.  In our local paper today there is a story about an
> >> 11-yr.-old girl who is going through chemo for leukemia.  She's
> >bald, but
> >> she wears a brilliant smile.  Her mother, too, had cancer - breast
> >> canceer w/reconstructive surgery.  I'm going to send the article to
> >Annie
> >> to tell her that if this 11-yr.-old girl can do it, then Annie can
> >do it,
> >> too!  Do you think it might help encourage her a little bit?
> >> -Jean
> >> P.S.  My son Michael's b-day party is on Saturday & hopefully
> >Michael's
> >> getting over his cold, but now it appears Tom and I are coming down
> >> w/colds.  Wouldn't you just know it!  Oh well, this too shall pass.
> >I
> >> guess I can entertain 12 kids for 2-hours w/a head cold...
> >>
> >> Hi everyone!
> >>
> >> I'm back home after my second chemo treatment.  It went okay, but I
> >did
> >> vomit once and have diarrhea.  I'm feeling okay right now, only
> >tired.
> >>
> >> Some good news - I only will have six sessions - so 2 down and 4 to
> >go!
> >> And my benefits have been approved until 7/31/98.  At that time I'll
> >have
> >> to send in some more paperwork for benefits to be approved for my
> >last
> >> session.
> >>
> >> Still losing lots of hair.  I get a lot of hair in my mouth these
> >days.
> >> I think I might have to resort to hats beginning tomorrow.
> >>
> >> Love,
> >>         Annie
> >> -
> >
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