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[MOL] Fw: Good news!!!!

Just wanted to forward on a part of an email I received from the little
11-year old girl in Lubbock whose mother had been laid off right before she
(the daughter, Christel) had been diagnosed with brain tumors.  This is the
little girl that I was able to get free hospital and doctors, free
perscriptions, help for her mom to get her utilities and rent paid.  I was
also able to get some media attention through one of the local radio
stations and the newspaper and the outpouring of help has been fantastic.
I've been following her progress closely through her aunt and it sounds like
maybe Christel's got a chance at beating this thing.  I've deleted the
aunt's and Christel's email addresses at the aunt's request and also some
non-pertanant (sp??) info.  I'm just so proud that we were able to do this
and hope the article that is being done on her will help others as well.
You might feel as though I'm looking for a pat on the back for having gotten
all this done and maybe I am; but I'm also passing this update on just to
show that this kind of thing can be done to help others in need.  It leaves
me with a warm, fuzzy feeling and hope it does for you, too.


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>Hey its me!  Well I was
>just writing to give you a little update on Christel.  She just spent a
>week on the hospital because her blood count was getting low.  So they
>admitted her and gave her some blood to boost those platelets and white
>blood cells.  While she was there, they also did an MRI to take another
>look at the growth in  her head.  Apparently, it appears to be reacting to
>the chemotherapy and dying off a little bit and looks to have shrunk just a
>tiny bit.  So that sounds good-best news we've had in quite a while.  She
>came home from the hospital on Easter morning to find that someone had
>donated her a computer, scanner, digital camera and internet time
>(yea!!!!), so she was reallly exicted about that.  And, to top it off, one
of the local stations, the one you contacted,
>there in Lubbock came to her house Sunday to do an Easter story on her.  I
>hope  my sister in Lubbock taped it!  So any way, that's the scoop with
>Christel.  Poor kid.  She doesn't look so hot-- no hair and skinny in the
>body, but bloated in the face.  She's quite a trooper though.  Never
>complains about anything.  I feel sorry for her.  She's the oldest girl of
>her brothers and sisters and it seems like she never was a child, but
>always an adult because she was always taking care of and helping corral
>her younger brother and sister.  I told Ron (my husband) that she's just a
>wise old soul and has been ever since I've known her.  If anybody can make
>it thru this, she can.

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